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The Art of Working Together to
Solve Problems & Develop New Products

Core Businesses - Dr. Brock Walker - 20-1012_0842

TracTec, Ltd 
Dr. Brock Walker, President

TracTec, Ltd (TTL) invents, prototypes, patents and licenses medically-engineered & designed human interface technology. Dr. Walker manages an international professional staff of consultants in business, banking, intellectual property- patent law, corporate law, accounting, design & engineering, manufacturing, commercialization and material science. He has invented & managed more than 40 patents in 25 countries.

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Inter-Face Medical, LLC
Dr. Brock Walker, President 

Inter-Face Medical, LLC specializes in converting high value Human-Information into healthy back care aftermarket products. The company invents, prototypes and patents medically-engineered aftermarket seating devices and commercializes them or licenses them to licensee's.  The company outsources a professional staff of experts in medicine, business, banking, intellectual property-patent law, corporate law, accounting, design & engineering, manufacturing and material science.

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Human Innovation Designs,
LLC Dr. Brock Walker, President

Advise, Counsel and the Art of Collaboration Advancing the Marriage between Ideas, Science & Products that Change People's Lives

Human Innovation Designs, LLC provides advisory services to companies that seek specialization in developing products that require interaction between people, products and response to tasks......think tank - idea creation - road mapping - prototyping - durability testing -research verification - design - intellectual property development - marketing, sales and commercialization.