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Herman Miller

Herman Miller & Dr. Brock Walker

Innovative DNA - Adventurous Exploration - Scientific Connectivity - Iconic Design

2000 - Present  

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After word spread about Dr. Brock Walker’s groundbreaking success with winning race car drivers and the Indianapolis 500, Dr. Brock Walker was approached by the executive team at Herman Miller.  Dr. Brock Walker laid out his theories about Medically-Engineered Designs™ and even demonstrated it to them by bringing an entire seat to "test drive".  This demonstration ultimately convinced the leaders that Dr. Brock Walker's new discoveries were futuristic and important to Herman Miller and it could help lead office seating design in a whole new direction. 

Global Industry Achievements:

20 years later, Dr. Brock continues to enjoy an industry wide exclusive parternship with Herman Miller's and also serves as an inventor & innovator for Herman Miller's pioneering research & development programs.  He has invented PostureFit™ and Zonal Support & Distribution Technologies that can be found in all Herman Miller High Performance Task Chairs manufactured since 2000 and they have won many awards around the world.  

Introduction of Herman Miller's Aeron Remastered Chair
London, UK

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“Dr. Brock Walker has brought this synthesis of insight to the core teams on a number of seating projects, and we’ve used that to get the fit and the performance to a better place than we would have achieved on our own.”
- Don Goeman
Executive Vice President of Herman Miller Research, Design and Development
Retired in 2018 after 38 years of graciously mentoring the industry

Mr. Brian Walker - President & CEO - Retired 2019

Dr. Brock Walker 

Jim Cramer - Host, Mad Money - CNBC Studio

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