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Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - Layer -28

Herman Miller, Inc.

Innovation Partnership: Dr. Walker enjoys an industry wide exclusive partnership with Herman Miller serving as an inventor, innovator and technology licensor to Herman Miller’s pioneering Research & Development Teams. Dr. Walker has Invented PostureFit™ and Zonal Support & Distribution Technologies that can be found in all Herman Miller High Performance Task Chairs manufactured since 2000. This collaboration has created many first to market products and has won numerous awards around the world. Learn More

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Geiger Furniture International

A first of its kind collaboration between luxury office furniture company Geiger International, Renowned Designer/Professor Mark Goetz and Dr. Brock Walker resulted in winning two of the most prominent design awards of 2017: North America's Gold-Best of NeoCon Award, and the International Red Dot Award.  These awards highlight the innovative marriage between human sciences, art & design, and reside in the Red Dot Museum in Essen, Germany. Learn More

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U.S. Department of Defense

Lead technology advisor in the development of air crew safety and human performance technology. Private development project under the direction of Hon. Richard F. Healing, P.E., an internationally recognized safety expert, past Director of Safety and Survivability for the Department of the Navy, Presidential Appointment to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and past Director of Transportation Safety and Security and program oversight for aviation safety programs, including the Aviation Safety Reporting System, operated for NASA.

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Jolly Rogers Robotics, LLC

Co-Founder: designs, tests, and prototypes custom hardware and software products for use in conjunction with small commercial unmanned aerial systems (e.g. Drones). Additionally, performs research aimed at systems development that enable, identify & analyze specific (RF) signals using proprietary payload mounted to light unmanned aerial systems.

Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - Layer -32

Fortune 100: Ford Motor Company

Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement vehicle innovations to improve human performance, safety, endurance and comfort. Also served to counsel and improve cockpit performance for Ford International Motorsport’s drivers including Indianapolis 500, NASCAR, and top fuel cars.

Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - Layer -33

Jobs Creation for the State of Michigan

Lead private project development programs that are focusing on discovering, inventing and producing practical solutions for high risk military human-interface-systems (HIS) that are paramount to military mission success. Program seeks to grow Michigan-based technology & manufacturing jobs. 

Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - woodson1

Washington D.C. Advisor & Counsel

Dr. Walker serves as an advisor and strategic business counsel to Woodson-Andrews. Located in Washington DC, Woodson-Andrews provides security analysis, intelligence and resolution serving both Private and Government sectors. Work includes cyber security, business systems analysis, market intelligence, political assessment, global project management support.


Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - hid-logo1

Road Mapping Surgical Performance Innovations

Design & Development to improve surgical equipment & surgeon’s performance in the Department of Cardiovascular- Thoracic Surgery.

Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - Layer -35

Da Vinci Surgical Robotic System

Surgical interface design review and analysis.

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2018 Cognitive Performance Panel


Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - Layer 21

Motorsports Indianapolis 500 Race Car Owner

Dr. Walker was co-owner and co-founder of Indy 500 team for the 98th running of the race. Learn More

Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - Layer 22

Unlimited Hydroplane Gold Cup Champion

Provided counsel, design, seating & cockpit development for multiple-time World Champion “The Miss Budweiser”.

Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - trac-tec-ltd-logo-v2

Pioneering Safety & Human Performance Inside the Cockpit 

Innovating Medically Engineered Solutions for the Fastest Drivers in the World has lead to survival and successes at the Indianapolis 500, NASCAR, 24 Hours of Sebring, 24 Hours of LeMans, 24 Hours of Daytona and more... Learn More

Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - Layer 23


Advisor, International Space Station X-38 Crew Return Vehicle (CRV) Program. Seat Technology, Future Crew Exploration Vehicles. Astronaut Protection & Safety. Appointment by NASA/Johnson Space Center to Universities Space Research Association’s (USRA) Division of Space Life Sciences (DSLS). Consultant, Space Suit & Seating Technology. Industry advisor for Mission to Mars Constellation Project.

Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - Layer 24

Department of the Navy

Collaborated with Director, Aviation and Occupational Safety, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Technology to Improve Troop Safety & Mission Readiness for deployed forces. Worked under a $5 million+ appropriation request.

Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - Layer 25

Naval Air Warfare Center

Presented Strategy for Reducing Pilot Fatigue and Improving Crash Impact Attenuation, Patuxent River, MD., DOD-Dept. of the Navy - Safety & Survivability. Advisor to Director of Naval Safety & Survivability, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC.

Collaborations & Innovations - Dr. Brock Walker - Layer 26

U.S. Army

USAARL, Ft. Rucker – “Can Modern Technical Design Enhance Combat Readiness?” “Energy /Fatigue Management & Injury Prevention Through Modern Seating Design Lens”