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Why is Medically-Engineered Design™ Unique?

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For most new products the primary emphasis is on the product.

But in all Medically-Engineered Design products, the primary emphasis on the health and performance of the human body. For that reason, products are literally engineered and designed from the inside (human body) outward (final product).

How does that partnership help create a product that is healthier and performs better?

First, anatomy, engineering and design come together to make sure the product works in favor of the human body. The product and the anatomy need to perform together; its a symbiotic relationship. Secondly, the design must be able to improve the anatomical performance without getting in the way of natural movement. An unhealthy performing product usually obstructs the body's natural movement. Design rule # 1: Never get in the way!

Does a Medically-Engineered Design™ cost more to develop?

No. Medically-Engineered Design's can reduce development costs, shorten development time lines and improve profits. There are several advantages. i.e., healthier products get a lot of attention because they improve people's lives, reduce injuries, illnesses, lost work days and that saves employers & corporations time and money. Medically-Engineered products also create a competitive advantages for companies by creating new marketing fuel, first to market opportunities, industry leadership and sales advantages. Good for users… good for employers.

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By connecting the dots between Art – Design - Engineering - Medical Science, Medically-Engineered Designs™ (MED™) help map the strategies that convert new ideas into products that emulate the way the human body works.
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The predictability challenge due to differences across the population.

Products that are designed to influence the way we feel, act and perform are the most difficult design & build projects in the world.

Random differences in body shape, body size and how each of us interacts with products add further challenges to human design & build projects.race car driver icons like Paul Newman.

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The predictability challenge due to the complexity of an individual.

A vast majority of artists, designers and engineers rely on controlled predictability using math, physics and familiar material science during their development process.

However, the human body creates a radically unpredictable interface because it acts as an unremitting moving target that continually recycles movements, postures, actions and sensations.

The human body’s movements are not easy to calculate or predict because the number of counter-balancing parts, pieces and potential body angles are infinite.

10 trillion cells, 360 joints, 640 muscles, 4000 tendons, 900 ligaments, 206 bones, 78 organs, 12 systems

  • All connected together
  • All talking to each other at the same time
  • All parts and pieces responding & compensating to each other’s every move in different angles and dimension
  • Every second of every day of every year
  • Problematical to predict
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Leverage experienceand strategy to combat the predictability challenges.

Designing products to interact with the human body is complex, often involving trial and error throughout the process.

Engaging with a team that has extensive experience in developing human interfacing products saves resources and improves timelines to market.

During the concept stage, develop a clear strategy that identifies how the product will fit and impact the user’s anatomy, health and performance.


The Creation of a Healthier Performing Product Portfolio

  • Latest Science
  • Differentiating Solutions
  • Competitive Market Advantage
  • First to Market Opportunities
  • Industry Credibility & Leadership

Internal Advantages

  • Leverage the Science and Differentiating Storyline
  • Marketing, P.R., Sales Teams

Future Development Value

  • Impacts Future Product Development Programs
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Roadmapping strategies that convert new ideas into new products that improve the way people live.

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