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A Lifetime of Human Based Design & Engineering


"Achievements truly represent many of our life experiences… and often there is one common thread that runs throughout. Mine has always been connected to observing the outlandish capabilities of the human body."

Here's a snapshot of my common threads and appreciated achievements:

How it all Began: Downhill Ski Racing

Common Thread No. 1: Learning how the human body generates its own horsepower.

6 times qualified for the US Jr. National team; National Champion in 1971. Other accomplishments include U.S. Olympic Training Camps, Can-Am Tours, European Cup Tours, FIS World Cup Events and ended his career after competing 4 years on the International Pro Ski Racing Tour as the youngest competitor ever to race on the tour. Learn More

Founded Walker Clinic PC

Common Thread No. 2: Studying the body's capabilities from thousands of back pain patients.

After 15 years of clinical practice, Dr. Brock operated one of the largest back pain clinics in the country.

1990: Founded Trac Tec, Ltd

Common Thread No. 3: Linking human performance & clinic experiences to healthier products.

Transitioning from treatment to prevention
Innovation - Product Development - Changing People's Lives
See Dr. Brock's Collaborations & Innovations
Learn More About Medically-Engineered Design

Advance Cockpit Safety & Performance Designs

Common Thread No. 4: If you over design, you can restrict the body's true potential.

Development of the Custom Performing Inter-Active Safe Seat represented a novel marriage between medical & material science.
Learn More About Medically-Engineered Design

Winning at the Indianapolis 500

Common Thread No. 5: Design & material innovations lead to driver safety & performance.

Driver with Broken Back Wins the Indy 500 using Trac Tec Ltd Seating Technology

Innovating for Champions

Common Thread No. 6: Innovating with champions always produces results.

Designing cockpit safety for NASCAR teams like Hendrick Motorsports and Richard Petty Enterprises… and NASCAR Champions like Jeff Gordon

Miss Budweiser

Common Thread No.7: Innovating to improve body control and reaction timing in a turbulent environment.

An aerospace design allows this turbine powered 3000 horsepower hydroplane to soar across water at 200mph. The driver seat in Miss Budweiser introduced the first of its kind full-body seating design.

Herman Miller Chairs

Common Thread No. 8: The art of collaboration.

Innovation Partnership: Dr. Walker began an industry wide exclusive partnership with Herman Miller serving as an inventor, innovator and technology licensor to Herman Miller’s pioneering research & development teams. Learn More

Indianapolis 500 Car Owner

Common Thread No. 9: The art of partnerships.

The most famous race in the world requires a huge number of personal alliances from board rooms to team owners, teammates and drivers.

Cooperation with U.S Government

Common Thread No. 10: Physical Aptitude - Endurance - Response Time

Advancing Safety & Survivability: Scientific Exploration, Advisory and Collaboration with Directors at the Pentagon - U.S Department of Defense - US Navy - US Army


Common Thread No. 11: The power of customization.

Advisor, International Space Station X-38 Crew Return Vehicle (CRV) Program. Seat Technology, Future Crew Exploration Vehicles. Astronaut Protection & Safety. Appointment by NASA/Johnson Space Center to Universities Space Research Association’s (USRA) Division of Space Life Sciences (DSLS). Consultant, Space Suit & Seating Technology. Industry advisor for Mission to Mars Constellation Project.

Inter-Face Medical

Common Thread No. 12: Solutions for supporting the human body.

Founded to 100% focus on developing innovative aftermarket products that change the way people perform .

Geiger International

Common Thread No. 13: Design and science units to deliver an international award.

Created for the present day executive, unmatched comfort and performance feels like Nike meets Ferrari; an Executive Chair Experience commissioned by Geiger Int'l and in Collaboration with Dr. Brock Walker and Professor/Designer Mark Goetz.

Learn More


Logitech Cognitive Performance Panel

Common Thread No. 14: Capacity to perform beyond normal common thresholds.

Discovering what elite fighter pilots, eSports teams, neurosurgeons, hackers, and F1 drivers all have in common.

Clinical Product Innovation Endeavors

Common Thread No. 16: Mapping surgical performance innovations.

Think tank to product-solution; new ideas that boost surgeon's strength, endurance and efforts during surgery at America's top Dept. of Cardiovascular & Thoracic surgery. Reviews and analysis of most widely used robotic surgery designs.

Innovator: The MEARS™ Back Support

Common Thread No. 15: Inventing back support that changes the way people travel.

Portable back support for any traveler and used in any vehicle. the Mears™ Back Support is a patented one-size-fits all product that is shaped and designed for relief. Learn More

Human Innovation Designs LLC

Common Thread No. 16: Sharing experiences; working with others.

Advisory, counsel & collaboration services lead to road map strategies that convert new ideas into new products for improving the way people live.